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Madeleine Brookes joined the Western Academy of Beijing in August 2008 and is the MSHS eLearning Facilitator and HS Technology Integrator. Madeleine has been a technology integrator/coordinator/leader for a large number years in six international schools including UNIS Hanoi, Bangkok Patana School as well as schools in Qatar and Turkey. She has taught a range of subjects in a number of curriculum frameworks, the most recent being IBDP Information Technology in a Global Society and both MYP Individuals & Societies and MYP Design.

Madeleine’s key area of expertise is organising and presenting technology-focused PD and has a number of leadership roles in the wider international community. She is the executive director of Learning2, an non-for-profit organisation that runs educational conferences worldwide. Madeleine is one of the founding partners in Eduro Learning, an educational technology consultancy set up to develop & support collaborative, purposeful and technology-rich learning opportunities that create meaningful and sustainable educational change. Previously she has been the lead coordinator on Greater China Apple Distinguished Educator (ADE) Advisory board as well as a IBDP senior examiner and paper author.

Madeleine is studying again through Charles Sturt University (NSW) and hopes to complete the Master of Education (Knowledge Networks and Digital Innovation) sometime in the not too distant future! Her reflective blog can be found here.

Presenting at Learning2Africa
Presenting at Learning2Africa


2 thoughts on “About me”

  1. Hi Madeleine
    Compliments of the Festive Season to you!

    I was hoping you would be able to assist. We need to share our experiences at the Learning2Africa conference with our colleagues. I was hoping to do a similar activity to the one you did with us involving the SAMR model. Would you mind sharing the rubric used and some of the examples we matched to the rubric? It would be greatly appreciated, and will definitely be cited 🙂

    Thank you in advance for your assistance.’

    PS. Meeting my brother and sister for the first time went incredibly well 😉


    1. Hi Melissa,

      Thanks for getting in touch!

      Here is a link to the resources that I used at the conference and here is the link to the SAMR resources. Please do email me if you require any more help [madeleine at learning2.org]

      Best wishes and I would love to hear more about your meeting!


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