Day 2: Temples 6 through 11

The health app on my iPhone tells me we walked 21.7km today and 18.6km yesterday. Today we only took day packs as we are staying at the same place. It’s low season and not as many accomodation options so we organised to get picked up and dropped off so we can walk from temple to temple. No rain today either! Shikoku is famous for odon noodles and we had an excellent bowl  at temple 7. It’s super quiet unlike the Camino which was buzzing with pilgrims; however, we are enjoying the peace and quiet. Most of today’s walk was through small villages on the side of the very quiet and narrow lanes. Here are some photos:

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  1. I’m greatly enjoying following along on this walk (virtually).
    Great preparation for my Camino walk — which is about half your distance (633 K… light-weight, I know)! I’m still trying to figure out how you are posting regularly. Do you have an ipad with you or just your iphone?)

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