Off On Another Long Walk

We are getting ready for our walk this summer. This time we are off to explore the  Shikoku Henro Trail which is Japan’s famous 88 temple pilgrimage, a 1200km loop around the island of Shikoku. Just getting this blog ready so I can post as we go.

2 Replies to “Off On Another Long Walk”

  1. Hi Madeleine
    Wow this trek sounds amazing. Having lived in Osaka, I can imagine the breathtaking pathways that you may take. Looking forward to reading your blog as you go and sharing in your adventure.

  2. Hi, Mads – Congratulations on your upcoming walk. I can’t wait to read more. Richard and I will shortly be walking the Camino from where we left off last year (Najera) to Finesterre. If we walk 22 K per day without a break, we will make it in 30 days. I will only have my iphone7 with me. If you have any blogging advice so I can do some posts along the way, I am all eyes!

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