Days 3 & 4: From Temple 11 – 13

I have to say that had I known what was in front of me, I would never have done these two days! To get from 11 to 12 was about 12.8km BUT required a three massive consecutive climbs with no break in between. From temple 11 was a climb up to 600+m then down to 500m then back up to 800m then down again this time to 400m then back up to 700+m to temple 12 then another descent to our ryokan at what seemed like below sea level! It was supposed to be about 16km all up – but my iPhone recorded 22.3km. 

Not feeling amused! This was a killer!

The next day was not as bad but slow – we had to do one small climb then the rest of the day on the flat but my legs were sore! 

A lovey Japanese man gave us these bags of lollies and crackers – it was like Christmas!

Day 2: Temples 6 through 11

The health app on my iPhone tells me we walked 21.7km today and 18.6km yesterday. Today we only took day packs as we are staying at the same place. It’s low season and not as many accomodation options so we organised to get picked up and dropped off so we can walk from temple to temple. No rain today either! Shikoku is famous for odon noodles and we had an excellent bowl  at temple 7. It’s super quiet unlike the Camino which was buzzing with pilgrims; however, we are enjoying the peace and quiet. Most of today’s walk was through small villages on the side of the very quiet and narrow lanes. Here are some photos:

Day 1: Our Shikoku Walk

After a minor hiccup (we got on the wrong bus at the airport) we made it in the rain to Tokashima and stayed in a small business hotel – nothing special. This morning we jumped on another bus to start at temple number 1 and then walked about 18km all the way to temple 6.  There are very few people walking and most travel by bus or car around the temples. It’s also the rainy season so we didn’t encounter many people at all. Here are a few pictures from today.

Off On Another Long Walk

We are getting ready for our walk this summer. This time we are off to explore the  Shikoku Henro Trail which is Japan’s famous 88 temple pilgrimage, a 1200km loop around the island of Shikoku. Just getting this blog ready so I can post as we go.

The Power of Twitter: Chats and Crowdsourcing

Thanks Tweet Tribe!

This week I’ve really experienced the power of Twitter.

On Tuesday we had an excellent #l2chat hosted by the fabulous trio: team @sherrattsam, @lori_uemura and our own @FriedEnglish101 posing as @learning2 where we had an intense rapid Q&A session with over 300 contributions – that’s not counting the ones where folks left off the #l2chat tag and the numerous private exchanges in Twitter messenger.

At the invitation of @PanaAsavavatana on our #l2chat, on Wednesday I dropped into #kchatAP which is far removed from my day job as a High School educator although I always learn so much and love escaping from the silos and into pastures new.

Both of these chats have been storified: #l2Chat and #kchatAP

And then it gets to Friday and I’ve been asked to go and do a session with Grade 3 students on Mac tricks and tips. So this morning, I threw out a request or two to my Elementary contacts on Twitter and crowdsourced an amazing array of ideas.

I’ve collated into a Bingo card (see below) where the idea is that the students have to demonstrate their knowledge before being able to cross off one of the cells. A massive thanks to the many contributors – too many to mention!

Mac Tricks SHOW ME Bingo!
Find a person and show them how you can do ONE of these tricks. Have that person sign their name in the cell on YOUR sheet. Call “BINGO!” when you have 5 items in a row or column.
I can make a screencast to show one of these tricks using QUICKTIME (with voice over and mouse clicks) I can use colour tags to organise my files and folders I can use Air Drop to send and receive files I  can use all the function keys!  My favourite function key…. I can take screen shots (CMD SHIFT 3 whole screen, CMD SHIFT 4 select area & CMD CTRL SHIFT OPT 3 or 4 to save to clipboard)
I can set up THREE different desktops: one for my browser, one for Pages and one for Preview? I can use CMD ~ to switch between windows in the same app I can put shortcuts to files on my desktop I can zoom in and out on the screen using CONTROL and the two finger scrolling on keypad I can use different views in Finder (icons, list, columns or cover flow) and organise my files (for example by DATE MODIFIED or SIZE or TYPE)
In my BROWSER, I can use CMD and NUMBER keys to switch between tabs I can copy text from a website and in PAGES and then use CMD SHIFT OPTION V to paste and match the style In Preview, I can scan in my signature and use it to sign documents I can split the screen to have two screens side-by-side (Preview on the left and Chrome on the right) I can make the screen brighter or dim the screen (to save battery)
I can add languages (eg Chinese) to the menu bar AND can switch between English and the other languages In FINDER, I can use SPACE to preview a file I can use CMD TAB to toggle through all my open applications I can change the clock view from analogue to digital and back again on the menu In a pages document, I can use OPT-CLICK and DRAG to duplicate anything
I can convert a file to PDF format (clue – it’s like printing) I can do math problems using Spotlight (what is 34 times 7 plus 8 minus 100?) I can rearrange my apps on the dock I can drag a photo from Photo Booth onto my desktop I can find out how much battery life I have left and I can change settings to save battery life
Western Academy of Beijing (2 June 2017) – crowdsourced through Twitter @mbrookes