Day 14, 15 and 16

Day 14 – I just can’t quite remember….

Day 15 started with a 17km stretch of nothing. So glad I downloaded a trashy summer reading audio novel to pass the time. We stopped in a lovely Albergue and even managed to get our own room at 10€ each – although the bathrooms were communal and mixed! We had a lovely afternoon and evening exchanging stories of pilgrims we had met on the way. We seem to be walking with the same set of people for the past few days. Our favourites are Michel (22) and his mother who are from Vienna. Everyone has a story and a reason to do the Camino – retirement, death in family, dumped by boyfriend, chucked in the job…we probably have the least profound reason…just going for a walk?!

Day 16 was not the most inspiring of walks today but we are in a pretty good hostel – the hierarchy is hotel, hostel, pension, albergue. Now having a cool beer, some green olives while waiting for dinner at 8









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