Day 6 and I think all is well

We’ve arrived in Viana, Navarra – OK, I have no idea where that is but we are almost in the Rioja region which means more great wine.

We are in a bar sipping ice cold San Miguel’s and catching up with the world on our smartphones – one of us being a little more productive…and having to provide tech support every two minutes
(Harry, why oh why did we buy him
A bloody Samsung for his birthday?).

It was spectacular scenery today – what I could see through the rain drops on my glasses. I have a very impressive rainproof black poncho – it scores an impressive 10/10 for comfort and practicality and a minus 10/10 for style and fashion. Do I care? Tonight it will double as my sleeping bag as we are in an auberge (6 Euro) that doesn’t supply blankets (and even if it did, I’m not sure I would want to share it with the bed bugs). So after dinner I will be putting on ALL of my clothes including a pair of Spanish Old Ladies thick black tights that I have just purchased so that I may get some sleep. We’ve only brought silk inner sleeping bags and didn’t bother with proper ones. Weight vs Comfort.

Here are some highlights from today:





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