Day 5

We’ve done about 27km today and it has been a stunning walk with beautiful views and lovely old villages. The routine seems to be established. We get up at about 6, repack the backpacks, set off and have breakfast about an hour later – today hot pain au chocolate straight from the oven. We had a picnic lunch – fresh bread, cheese and the local cured paper thin ham. We pull into a hostel at about four hoping that there are enough beds followed by the big rush to shower, get clothes washed and dried. Today it was a treat as they did it for us at 3 Euros a wash and another 3 for the drying – so no queuing at the washing machine – a bit like putting your coins on the pool table to claim the next game. We happen to be with a few others again this evening who walk at our pace and distance. Some go slower with less km and others push on for a few more km. Some are going the whole way and others try to do as much as they can in the time they have. Some chat, some walk alone, some power ahead – generally the young ones with endless energy on limited Euros. There are all ages and a surprising number of people doing it by themselves. You can be as social as you wish. We all just follow the yellow arrows.




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