I Need to Attend Learning 2.011 Another 20 Times

I’ve just got back from Learning 2.011 in Shanghai. It was an exhausting, exhilarating, challenging and truly collaborative experience: both in the planning and the execution.

I’ve just read a wonderful quote from a teacher sharing experiences in the K-2 Cohort:

The most important thing that I have gained from this conference is confidence to take more risks with technology.

Learning 2.011 has been part of my life for almost a year – not one day has gone past without a thought (or 50) about the conference; however, I want to do it all over again & again at least 20 times so that I could:

  • be part of each of the cohorts and learn, learn, learn
  • attend all 75+ number of diverse workshops and presentations
  • drop into the many ‘unconference’ sessions for just-in-time learning
  • listen to those inspiring keynotes again and again – especially from the students
  • hang out more with the Learning 2.011 committee in HQ
  • and lastly, connect with each and every participant face-to-face (there were so many friends and colleagues there but I just did not have the time).

OK – so that’s not going to happen although I am going to enjoy reading the rich resources, reflections and blog posts – check out this one from Thomas Galvez)



And these Magical Connections – Jess McCulloch


And now, I am going to start all over again. I’m in transition mode: moving from co-chair of Learning 2.011 to chair of Learning 2.012. Do you want to get to know a bunch of educators and connect with them on a daily basis? Do you want to help plan this amazing event? Do you want a voice? Come and join us for Learning 2.012….meeting dates will be posted soon!

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