Winging it With Wikispaces

This post is what I would call my ‘road-to-recovery’ first post! Yes, I have been so busy that I have neglected my blogging. I’m not sure who my audience is – perhaps it is an audience of one – however, if I don’t blog, how will I learn more about blogging?

We are almost done in Grade 12 IB ITGS class and as always I save the worst ’til last.  I needed to get Expert Systems taught this week. It’s a topic that I’m flaky on and struggle with.

However, thank goodness for some lucid moments that I had some years ago…

Here’s what happened – my prep time got eaten up with other tasks. I decided that I needed a diagram – something visual  – and would then ‘wing it’ – after all, the Grade 12s are so stressed out with their IB internal assessments that I’m not sure how engaged (or awake) they will be anyway. A few (very few) minutes before my class was about to start (or had it started?), I fired up google – yes, accessible that day in Beijing – went to images and then added the terms ‘expert system medical’. And behold – the ‘perfect’ (and somewhat familar) diagram appeared. In my haste I clicked through to the originating website and to my amazement & amusement, I found that not only was it the diagram that I used, there was a complete set of notes to go with it! And the author of the site? Me!

It was plain sailing after that! I think the lesson went well (well, better than expected). So, ‘thank you’ Wikispaces for preserving my space and not deleting it – and thank you ‘Google’ for being so intuitive!

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